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Meet Gion Antoni Derungs,
the composer and his works.

With this website the foundation Gion Antoni Derungs honors a Swiss composer, who made important contributions of almost all musical genres, from the folksong and the Lied to the opera, the instrumental concerto and the symphony. Companions, musicians and musicologists shed light onto his life and works from different perspectives and thereby created a multi-faceted picture of a special person.

With the adaptation of different genres from folksongs to challenging vocal works, Gion Antoni Derungs provided great incentives for contemporary choral pieces. He is called “friend of all singers” with good reason. The opera “Il cerchel magic” premièred in 1986. An important milestone in the history of Romansh music. Similarly important are his numerous orchestral compositions.

However, not only his works shall be rendered homage to, but also Gion Antoni Derungs’ persona. The image of a very sensitive person, open to foreign cultures and influences, will be reveal itself to you. You will get to know a composer, who is worth discovering.


Trenner zwischen thematisch unterschiedlichen Absätzen



Chorwerke a cappella, Band II


 Gion Antoni Derungs Chorwerke a cappella II, Cover
Lieder für
gemischten Chor
Chanzuns per
chor maschadà
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Order choral works a capella, volume I


 Gion Antoni Derungs Chorwerke a cappella, Cover
Songs for Male

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Magazine Gion Antoni Derungs, meet the person and the composer


Magazin-Cover Gion Antoni Derungs, Leben, Mensch, Komponist
Magazine in honour of Gion Antoni Derungs with German and Romansh texts.

Learn more about the oeuvre and gain an insight into Gion Antoni Derungs’ character.

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Life and works of Gion Antoni Derungs

Take 30 minutes and learn through Derungs himself and his companions more about his music, his compositions and his person.


Im Weiteren haben Sie hier die Möglichkeit, zahlreiche Dokumentationen und Ausstrahlungen anzusehen:

Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha

Geben Sie im Suchfeld den Begriff "Gion Antoni Derungs" ein und bestätigen Sie mit.







Bereits zahlreiche Werke von Gion Antoni Derungs sind in Verlagen erhältlich:



Für alle weiteren Werke wenden Sie sich an Susi Derungs, Telefon +41 (0)81 353 27 58 oder per Email.


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Musikszenische Biografie Gion Antoni Derungs in Bern aufgeführt.  

Gion Antoni Derungs could have celebrated his 80th birthday on September 6, 2015.

On this occasion, several concerts giving an insight into the works of Gion Antoni Derungs took place this year.

Review Gala Concert, June 2, 2015, Bern
Conclusion of the anniversary year - symphony concert, November 11, 2015, Zürich



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CD, Tonträger, Top chors vol. 8

Top chors vol. 8

Die CD ist eine Wiedergabe der musikalischen Arbeit und der Vorlieben der letzten 15 Jahre des Dirigenten Luzius Hassler mit dem Chor viril Surses.


  Top Classic, Vol. 3 e 4 (Gion Antoni Derungs purtret musical)

Top Classic, Vol. 3 e 4

Portret musical 
per il 75avel anniversari