Grants for Junior Scholars

The Fundaziun Gion Antoni Derungs awards grants to students, doctoral students and junior researchers for academic papers within the field of musicology with a specialization on the works of Gion Antoni Derungs. Master theses, dissertations and papers in journals of music are entitled to receive an award. Yearly, a prize money of maximum 5000 francs is available. On account of a jury the board of foundation decides on the chosen academic papers and the amount of prize money. As of 2015 papers can be handed in every year until the 31st of October at the address below. The jury and the board of foundation decide on a winner the latest by the end of February of the following year. The prize will be given to the authors at an appropriate academic event of the home institution.


Ausschreibungstext Gion Antoni Derungs-Preis


Address for submission

Fundaziun Gion Antoni Derungs
Arlibonstrasse 34
7000 Chur


Address for information

Fundaziun Gion Antoni Derungs
Prof. em. Dr. Heinz Hauser
Greithstrasse 3
9402 Mörschwil


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Edition of the Songs

Gion Antoni Derungs’ song creations are extraordinarily extensive and in terms of song genre very diverse. Even though there is an overview of all songs by Gion Antoni Derungs on the website, a work edition which systematically lists all song sheets is missing. The many songs either exist on individual sheets of music or they are scattered over different songbooks. We deem it extremely important to organize these songs and to collect them in books. According to plan, four volumes with each 250 pages are to be published in 2015 for Gion Antoni Derungs’ 80th birthday.


Gion Antoni Derungs Chorwerke a cappella, Cover
Songs for Male

Excerpt DE
Order DE




Gion Antoni Derungs Chorwerke a cappella II, Cover  
Lieder für gemischten
Chanzuns per chor

CHF 98.00 zuzüglich Versandkosten




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Catalogue of Works

Gion Antoni Derungs’ compositional oeuvre is very extensive. Thus a specific database only for the catalogue of works will be created. Important information for each composition will be recorded. A combination of the data according to personal interests will then allow for specific analysis and evaluation. In order to browse through the compositions use the filter at the start of the page.




Band 1

Kompositionen mit Opuszahlen

Download Band I (mit Opuszahlen)





ArsRhenia Stiftung

Band II TJ

Band 2

Kompositionen ohne Opuszahlen nach
dem Verzeichnis des Komponisten

Download Band II (ohne Opuszahlen)



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Concerts 2015 for Gion Antoni Derungs 80th birthday

We celebrated Gion Antoni Derungs’ 80th birthday in fall 2015. Three major concerts with works by the composer were performed during this anniversary year. The foundation Gion Antoni Derungs honoured this occasion with its own symphony concert.

Symphony concerts Bern, Constance and Zurich

In fall 2015 for Gion Antoni Derungs 80th birthday the Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie, under the supervision of Mario Schwarz, performed works by G.A. Derungs in in Bern, Zurich and Constance. A clear emphasis on the conclusion of the start-up phase was shown therewith. The concert in Constance was part of their own series of symphony concerts; the other two concerts were organized and financed by the foundation Gion Antoni Derungs.



Music-scenic biography by Armin Brunner

The famous musician and conductor Armin Brunner, who for many years was also head of the department for music and theatre of the Swiss television, created a very special art form, which combines texts about the composer’s life with music from his works. This shows his musical development throughout his life. It is thus a suiting art form for our goal of bringing Gion Antoni Derungs closer to a large audience. These biographies will be presented in Vella GR, Lucern and Zurich as full-length events and in Bern and Constance in shortened versions right before the concerts.




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